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Valet Jobs Phoenix

Think You've Got What It Takes?


If so, read below and fill out form


We offer a fast paced, team-oriented work environment. Talented and committed candidates who demonstrate an eagerness to learn and ability to operate at an advanced level will earn a position. 

Valet parking is a multifaceted job offering phenomenal upside. It is subsequently laden with risk which we firmly mitigate hiring only serious prospects willing to absorb thorough training. The form below is the start should you be up for the challenge. 

valet jobs phoenix

To Join Our Team You Must:

Age - be 19+ years of age with 2+ years of driving experience

Legality have legal employment status in the United States

History have a clear criminal background, clean driving record and active U.S. driver's license (3 year MVR required)

Driving be EXPERIENCED & COMPLETELY at ease driving manual transmission vehicles. "Stick" driving test

Availability be able to work most Thu, Fri, Sat & on holidays

Consistency - be able to commit to 1+ yrs unless unforeseen comes up

Work - perform 5+ shifts/week (expect approx. 20 hrs)

Equipment - have a smart phone and reliable means of transportation

Trust - have a clean and polished presentation

Organized - have ability to efficiently manage your time

Recommendation - have 2 references that know you well and are available during interview process

Skills be a fluent English speaker capable of basic Algebra math skills


Required Traits:

Character - of unwavering integrity and experienced in demonstrating excellence. Referenced will be checked 

Driven - able to learn quickly, performing duties with a very high expectation of yourself and disciplined approach

Attitude eager to kindly assist people in a customer service driven manner facilitating a positive team environment and proactive demeanor

Physical - able to lift 50+ lbs and maneuver swiftly in all directions with excellent stamina

Pressure - prepared to conquer obstacles handling a variety of circumstances requiring adaptability and thinking on one's feet. 

Humility excited to be a student of the industry, learning from many years and countless experiences our seasoned team has encountered

Talent highly skilled at driving and parking cars in tight areas, will be trained to professional grade. Driving test performed during interview

Awareness abililty to focus intensely staying in the moment during busy situations, "in tune" with surroundings

Please Complete The Form (be thorough). We'll Be In Touch. Thank you. 

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