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We appreciate the interest. Please read carefully and fill out the form completely below. 

Age - 19+ years of age with 2+ years of driving experience

Legality - legal employment status in the United States

History - clear criminal background, clean driving record and active U.S. driver's license (3 year MVR required)

Driving - comfortable driving manual transmission "stick shift" vehicles

Availability - willing to work on Thu, Fri, Sat & holidays

Consistency - able to commit to 1+ yrs

Work - perform 4+ shifts/week (approximately 20+ hrs)

Equipment - have a smart phone and reliable means of transportation

Trust - clean and polished presentation

Organized - efficient time manage


Recommendation - have at least one solid reference we can call

Skills - fluent English speaker capable of basic Algebra math skills


Character - of unwavering integrity and experience demonstrating excellence

Driven - ability to learn quickly with disciplined approach

Attitude - good customer service skills with eagerness to help others

Physical - able to lift 50+ lbs, good agility & stamina

Pressure - prepared to overcome obstacles adapting to various scenarios 

Humility - excited to learn the trade from experienced team leaders

Talent - highly skilled at driving and parking cars in tight areas

Awareness - ability to focus intensely and be in tune with surroundings

First *
Last *
Age *
Contact Info
Phone *
Email *
Clean Driving Record? Motor Vehicle Report to be checked. *
If no, please explain why.
Have you ever been arrested or convicted for a felony or have any pending charges? *
If yes, please explain why.
Are you proficient with Manual Transmission/"Stick Shift" vehicles? *
If yes, how did you learn?
Lunch Availability (9a - 3p) *
List days available between these times separated by a comma.
Dinner Availability (3p - 11p) *
List days available between these times separated by a comma.
# of Shifts Desired Per Week *
The Average is 4-6 hours each shift. (Minimum is 4, Max is 8)
Preferred Start Date *
Are You Currently Employed and/or in School? *
If yes, please explain. 
Are you willing & able to commit to a year or more of employment? *
If no, please explain why.
What Are Some of Your Hobbies? *
Include 3 or more please.
Why are you interested in working with us in the valet parking industry? *
Include 3 or more reasons please.
How did you hear about us? *

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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